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Achieving Your Pathway to Victory - Together

Leveraging our background in political consulting and business development, our strategy in real estate is to identify and analyze "all of the above" opportunities and options connected to our client's goal. This level of due-diligence and servicing ensures that our clients have maximum information throughout the transaction process. Moreover, our speciality is developing customized "pathway to victory" strategic plans to ensure that the goals identified can be achieved through a highly effective execution process. Breaking up priorities into actionable projects, we implement cutting-edge practices in project management to ensure metric driven results for our clients. Most importantly, our strategy is driven on a foundation of providing you the most information to assist in the decision making process, not just as one of our Clients, but as one of our Partners.


"As a real estate investor and professional working on affordable housing projects for many years, I have to say how impressed I am with Andrew and Gateway Equity Partners. From their incredibly relevant insights and high quality recommendations and consulting sessions, I am very glad to have engaged with Andrew and Gateway Equity Partners. Overall, I am eager to find ways to work with Gateway Equity Partners to help address the housing crisis in Sacramento, which in many ways has only gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s great to know that there are folks like Gateway working to address this important issue."

Rachael Taylor

Tycoon Capital

Sacramento - California

"We strongly recommend Gateway Equity Partners and Andrew Truman Kim. These have been some of the most uncertain times for small business owners and investors, and so pleased that Gateway is working to support small business owners like us who are often on the front-lines of the never-ending changes in business regulation/compliance and market opportunities. The insights Gateway provided would be considered invaluable, considering this information is not just available on google, but takes significant experience and successful track record. Thank you Andrew and Gateway Equity Partners."


Trisha Cruz

Rosa Ventures, LLC

Sunnyvale - California

"As an entrepreneur, business owner and investor, I am grateful to have participated in the workshop series with Gateway Equity Partners and Andrew Truman Kim. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience not only as proven strategists but also as successful practitioners. Also the client work product they provide is very top notch. Definitely Five Stars for Gateway Equity Partners. I  definitely recommend Gateway Equity Partners!"


Kamal Shedadeh

NCS, Inc.

Sacramento - California

"Thank you Andrew and Gateway Equity Partners! Having been a business consultant for a long time, I endorse Gateway. In short, they’re pros., and would recommend them. They’re seminars and workshops are incredibly insightful and I am appreciative of how mindful they are of our own time. As a business person, I am pretty busy and really appreciate when the punchline can be summarized quickly and we can get to the bottom line issues quickly. Overall, I have to say that I gained a lot from Gateway Equity Partners, and would recommend these folks for future workshops and webinars."


Olga Martinez

MBDA Export Consultant

Fresno - California

"Running multiple business and investment ventures at the same time, it’s been critical for us to have clarity in our game plan and also an understanding of all the various alternatives. We’re very grateful to be working with Andrew Truman Kim and Gateway Equity Partners who have provided significant guidance when it comes to real estate investing opportunities and the various strategies to be successful achieving both our short and long range goals for our own business and investments. For those who are new to real estate investing, we strongly recommend Gateway Equity Partners who can not only present a comprehensive picture of the various options but help you make progress on your own personal investment plans "


Joseph Kim

Tigre Promotions

Carmichael - California

"Five-star recommendation for Gateway Equity Partners!! Wow, we were totally blown away with the financial, business and real estate documents and client work product provided to us and the incredibly valuable insights from Andrew and the Gateway Equity Partners team. The past few years have not been easy for many small business owners in retail, and we’re so glad to have been part of the Gateway workshops. Their recommendations and strategies are very practical and relevant even to our business. A big thank you to Andrew Truman Kim and Gateway for all that you do!"


Lindy Hobbs

Owner, P20 Pilates & Fitness

Sacramento - California

"Andrew (Gateway Equity Partners) provides clear-cut strategies that result in a win/win for both parties. Because of his depth of experience in business, real estate and investing, he understands the perspective of the various parties in a deal. As a first floor commercial tenant who is surviving a pandemic, I appreciated Andrew’s strategies and suggestions for working with my landlord to address back rent and paying rent moving forward as my business recuperates from nearly a year of forced closure. He helped me see that my landlord needs to renegotiate a fair lease and settle back rent."


Ellen Moe

Owner, Solfire Yoga

Sacramento - California

"Thank you Gateway Equity Partners for being on point. I really appreciate you getting straight to the bottomline and not focusing on upselling something I don’t want. Also appreciate you being very realistic on what can be achieved. Lastly, appreciate the significant amount of follow-up, knowing how busy we are as small business owners. Thank you Andrew for going the extra mile to get my questions answered and to provide additional due diligence and assistance on some of my business issues and questions. It was helpful, and I look forward to recommending you to others."


Mandeep Kaur

Owner, Brows N Style

Sacramento - California

"Their training workshops are short, sweet, yet very informative. Andrew (Gateway Equity Partners) was able to boil down many different ideas into six simple steps, using relevant examples and stories to create the connections. Overall, Andrew's presentation on preparing and delivering was very insightful. I can confidently say that I'll be using Andrew's recommendations and best practices for future ventures. "


Tara Abraham

Davis - California

"Thank you Gateway for all the extra information covered during my appointment calls. It was both important and valuable topics discussed in a way that was both practical and user friendly. I definitely recommend others, facing similar issues with their lenders, to work with this group."

William Coburn
Oakland - California

"I was very impressed with my time with Andrew. Their services were very valuable and I would definitely recommend others in a similar position with their lenders to work with this group. Overall, a two thumbs up experience. Thank you."

Thomas Krenbeh
San Diego - California

"The information provided by Gateway was both incredibly helpful and impressive. Again, I appreciate their work and time helping me review my personal financial statements. I would definitely recommend others talking to this group."

Lissa Flowers

Oakland - California

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