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Proven Results

Overview | A Higher Standard

Gateway Equity Partners is an innovative and fully integrated real estate brokerage driven by UC Davis alumni - committed to triple bottom line impact. By leveraging technology and dedicated project managers, Gateway aims to provide higher value in your process of investing, selling, buying or developing property. Founded by award winning campaign managers, Gateway incorporates best practices and the intensity of successful political campaigns in achieving a “pathway-to-victory” for your real estate goals, while building sustainable value for your future.

Our Story| From Winning Campaigns to Proven Real Estate Solutions

For over 10 years, we’ve managed winning political campaigns on a statewide, congressional and local level. We believe our skills and best practices achieving political victory are transferable in helping you achieve superior results and solutions for your real estate affairs. We’ll treat your real estate goals like a campaign by: 1) developing a Pathway to Victory strategic plan, 2) executing a 2 phase-prong attack, and 3) building a campaign team around your personal success. In addition to our founders, all Gateway operatives have political campaign experience and understand the high stakes and intensity involved in achieving superior results. In short, we are committed to your victory.  

Differentiated Value | UC Davis Alumni & Dedicated Project Managers

We agree that the real estate industry is ripe for disruption. However, we believe it’s not just technology that will disrupt the market, but the people involved. We’re proud of our Associates, Agents, Project Managers & Account Managers, exclusively recruited from UC Davis, who have not only completed advanced project management training, but capable of loss mitigation consulting, lender negotiations, and financial diagnosing & planning for our clients. We hold ourselves to a higher standard by first ensuring our operatives not only master targeted real estate markets, but also provide “value add” consulting and project management services. Our clients have access to a team of dedicated project managers providing the following service modules: 1) Financial Diagnostic & Planning, 2) Comprehensive Market Analysis and 3) Loss Mitigation Consulting.

Triple Bottom Line Impact | Commitment to Community, Not Just Profits

For over 10 years, our mission has been to change the world through political campaigns and public policy. We’re eager to continue this mission now as real estate professionals, ensuring a triple bottom line in our business practices and our continued engagement in local political issues that not only benefit our clients but impact the larger community and country. We have every intention in providing the highest economic return for our clients, investors, partners and team; however we also believe that investing some of our profits into social and environmental sustainability programs, will not only be impactful to our community but be good for business. We're proud of sponsoring/managing multiple triple bottom line programs that advance public financial literacy, sustainable development and professional workforce development.

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