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Winning For You

Vertically Integrated Services |Commitment to Excellence

Gateway Equity Partners is a full service commercial and residential real estate brokerage with over 30 years of collective experience closing some of the most complicated types of deals in the industry. We’ve helped postpone over 100 foreclosures and save over $20 million in assets for working families in America. For over 10 years, we’ve managed winning campaigns on a statewide, congressional, senate and local level. We believe our skills and best practices achieving high-stake victories are transferable to helping you achieve superior results and solutions for your real estate affairs. We'll bring a level of focus, determination and intensity not only during the negotiation process, but for every meeting when representing your affairs.

Real Estate Investments

We believe real estate investing is an important vehicle to build sustainable wealth for your future. However, successful real estate investments require active management and a winning strategy. Most importantly, it requires being invited to the right investment projects. At Gateway, we have portfolio managers with cross-industry experience, who not only understand the importance of maximizing your financial ROI, but bringing holistic value add in your investment decision making process. And most importantly, we'll provide you access to some of the most exclusive and promising real estate investment and development opportunities in the Sacramento region. Lastly, we aim to provide support in your financial planning efforts, and during the process of engaging investors/lenders and government agencies, which can often be the difference between a mediocre or great investment.

Selling Property

Our team is comprised of UC Davis alumni who have continued their academic excellence into professional excellence. Leveraging our cross industry experiences, we'll ensure an “all of the above” marketing strategy based upon a strategic action calendar driven on multiple rounds of direct solicitations to ensure you get you the right type of exposure and engagement. We will also be relentless in our negotiations to ensure we achieve a “win” for you. We have the confidence and experience in working with other real estate professionals, lending institutions, and all other relevant parties to ensure you get the best deal possible. We will leave no stone unturned for you.


Buying Property

Our team has done extensive market research, leveraging some of the most cutting-edge technology in data collection and analysis to intimately understand neighborhoods all throughout California. From our cross-industry experience, we understand the importance of mastering the real estate market on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood level, even down to the precinct-by-precinct level. Let us identify, negotiate and secure the perfect property and neighborhood for you.  Let Gateway help you find the perfect property and neighborhood.

Property Management

We help landlords develop a vision for their property’s long range value. We are methodical in drafting strategic plans, and working together with  contractors, government agencies, and stakeholders to increase both the market cap rate and overall property value. We also aim to bring distinct “value add” to  tenants, holding ourselves to the highest standard when representing landlords. As seasoned business development & housing consultants, we understand the time sensitive needs of tenants and believe in the importance of the right "tenant experience." Part of our strategic plan for our landlords will integrate some of our best practices in "design experience" to ensure their tenants will be leaving positive reviews.

Real Estate Development

Our long range vision is to work with financial partners who share our passion for real estate development. Noting the challenges associated with development, we are eager to be innovative in our solutions to ensure that development projects not only ensure great financial ROI for our partners, but bring sustainable value add for the larger community. For over 10 years, we’ve advocated for real estate development projects that leverage cutting technology and sustainable practices to ensure triple bottom line impact for our community and country. From supporting affordable housing projects, veteran housing projects and/or environmentally sustainable development projects, our mission is to help change the world through sustainable real estate development.

Foreclosure Prevention

We understand the complexities and burdens, from both lenders and government agencies, when it comes to maintaining your property (both residential & commercial) during times of  financial hardship (notice of default / trustee sale) or addressing government code violations. Our strategy in over-preparation is uniquely well-suited for property owners facing financial hardship, providing  the following: 1) review of 8 financial & legal options to prevent foreclosure, 2) sharing 7 best practices in foreclosure prevention, 3)  developing loss mitigation plans, 4) managing the deployment of plans, 5) providing "access-to-capital" deal options, and 6) managing all lender engagement, communications, & negotiations. Let Gateway be your advocate.

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