Leveraging our background in political consulting and business development, our strategy in real estate is to identify and analyze "all of the above" opportunities and options connected to our client's goal. This level of due-diligence and servicing ensures that our clients have maximum information throughout the transaction process. Moreover, our speciality is developing customized "pathway to victory" strategic plans to ensure that the goals identified can be achieved through a highly effective execution process. Breaking up priorities into actionable projects, we implement cutting-edge practices in project management to ensure metric driven results for our clients. Most importantly, our strategy is driven on a foundation of providing you the most information to assist in the decision making process, not just as one of our Clients, but as one of our Partners.


"The information provided by Gateway was both incredibly helpful and impressive. Again, I appreciate their work and time helping me review my personal financial statements. I would definitely recommend others talking to this group." - Lissa Flowers (Oakland, California) 

"I was very impressed with my time with Andrew. Their services were very valuable and I would definitely recommend others in a similar position with their lenders to work with this group. Overall, a two thumbs up experience. Thank you." - Thomas Krenbeh (San Diego, California) 

"Thank you Gateway for all the extra information covered during my appointment calls. It was both important and valuable topics discussed in a way that was both practical and user friendly. I definitely recommend others, facing similar issues with their lenders, to work with this group."

- William Coburn (Oakland, California) 

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